OLD BLOG – Romp Reboot

Here’s what happened –

About a year ago, I realized that travel is my passion, and I thought a great way to act on that between trips would be to start a travel blog.  I know just enough about WordPress to think it would be easy, so I wrote up a bunch of entries and got started.  What I didn’t know about is blog-spam.


Blog spam occurs in the comments section of a blog.  It is like typical email spam, people trying to trick you into engaging with their website, product or service.  I was somewhat prepared, as I set my comments to have to be approved by me before being posted to my blog, but I was not prepared for how many spam comments I would receive.  It was several per day and the more entries I posted, the more attempted spam comments I would have to delete from the backend of the blog.  It sucked.  Also, I was so disheartened I stopped even reading the comments, so if there was by some slim chance a real person trying to engage with my blog, I would delete those comments too.


So, I stopped posting.  I left the blog live, and the blog spam continued, but I just deleted it from my email inbox and tried to ignore the whole thing.


Now, after a year of feeling disappointed, I have decided to try and reclaim my blog.  I did a little research and found a WordPress plugin that is supposed to cut down on blog spam (and I’ve noticed a small difference so far) and I am ready to get back going.  But, if you are wondering about the long lag-time between the first four posts and now – that’s why.


In closing, if you are a real person, thank you for reading, and please feel free to try and leave a comment.

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