OLD BLOG – The Math on Why the Airport Lounge Entry Fee is Worth It

You’re traveling with your spouse or partner and are facing a 3-hour layover in a busy airport.  Here’s the calculation my husband and I use to know that the $100 (when the fee is $50 per person) we’re forking over to our airline to enter their lounge area is worth it:


Wi-fi $10 This would have been worth even more pre-Smartphone, but for an extended period, it is nice to be able to browse on your laptop.
Snacks $15 Typically just cheese and crackers, etc., but the value reflects what we’d spend on an airport meal if we didn’t have the snacks. (Editor’s note: $15 would not cover the type of meal we’d eat to survive a 1 to 3-hour layover, but rather the type of meal that would be a substitute for the snacks.)
Comfortable armchairs $20 We’d each pay $10 to not be stuck in those awful terminal seats.
Drinks $30 Again this figure reflects what we’d be likely spend on drinks in the airport outside the lounge; in three hours we can each easily drink 3 or 4 glasses of wine or beer each without being very buzzed (needless to say, getting drunk in the lounge seems bad form).
Luggage storage $5 We tend to carry on rather than check luggage, but rarely find our carry-on bags to be burdensome.  However, there is a small value to storing them.
Atmosphere $20 We’ve probably undervalued this a little (the difference between the calm of the lounge and the bustle of a busy airport can be extreme) but it gets us the rest of the way to $100, thus proving the value for the money of the $50 per person entry fee!

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