FAQ – Can You Summarize Leg 1 in Numbers?

In my professional life, I am data-obsessed. I love setting up great tracking systems, setting goals and targets, and analyzing results. So, I thought it would be fun to report out a little data on our travels. Here is a look at Leg 1 by the numbers (with a few favorite lists thrown in):

Where We Were

Countries visited: 9, 6 new in bold – Iceland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, France, Turkey

Cities visited (overnight): 13

Number of hotels: 10

Number of hotel nights: 25

Number of apartments: 5

Number of apartment nights: 89

Total beds slept in: 15

Total busses slept in: 1

Total lodging budget: $4,428

Total lodging actual: $4,551

How We Got There and What We Did

Number of bus trips (intercity): 6

Number of train trips (intercity): 3

Number of flights: 6 purchases with 10 separate flights

Total transit budget: $2,340

Total transit actual: $2,317

Average weekly food/entertainment budget: $340

Average weekly food/entertainment actual: $325


Total budget: $15,000

Total actual: $14,739

Number of weeks over budget: 7

Number of weeks under budget: 10

Average weekly total budget/actual (including transit week/transatlantic flight): $882/$867

Average weekly total budget/actual (not including transit week/transatlantic flight): $749/$739 (overall, $10 per week savings)

Least expensive week: Week 8, July 9-15, $411, the week we spent two days at Hello Wood architecture camp

Most expensive week: Week 1, $2,909 (this includes airfare, our day in Iceland and a couple days in Frankfurt)

Most expensive week not including transit week: Week 11, July 30-August 5, $1,718, anniversary trip to Paris

Cost of Paris anniversary trip: $1,426 (worth it)

The Best Parts

Best experiences (chronologically):

  • beer gardens in Prague with my friend Sara
  • Germany match at  Brandenburg Gate with Chad’s cousin Scott
  • our last Tatry hike (also, our other two Tatry hikes)
  • self-guided Le Corbu tour of Paris (also, everything in Paris)
  • Gershwin/Bernstein concert at Margaret Island
  • Cappadocia balloon ride
  • Ephesus opera

Best meals:

Im Herzen Africans (Frankfurt), Pierogania Stary Mlyn (Wroclaw), Jamie’s Italian (Budapest), Le Mistral (Paris), Soffy’s House (Goreme, Turkey)

Honorable mention meals:

Chez Plumeau (Paris), Ferdinand Monarchia (Budapest), Kosem Balik Lokantasi (Andalu Kavagi fishing village near Istanbul), Sahrap (Istanbul), Top Deck (Goreme, Turkey)

In my next post, I’ll analyze the numbers just a bit as I share what we learned in Leg 1.

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