FAQ – Can You Summarize Leg 2 in Numbers?


Leg 2 By The Numbers

It was a lot of fun for me and Chad to break out the data on Leg 1 and see where we went, how we traveled, where we slept and what we did and ate as a series of statistics. So, I’m doing the same with Leg 2. Without further ado, here is Leg 2 by the numbers:

Where We Were

Countries visited: 2, 1 new in bold – Mexico and Colombia

Cities visited (overnight): 8

Number of hotels: 4

Number of hotel nights: 7

Number of apartments: 5

Number of apartment nights: 110

Number of family nights: 2 (quick visit to Chad’s folks in Florida)

Total beds slept in: 10

Total busses slept in: 0

Total lodging budget: $3,605

Total lodging actual: $3,596

How We Got There and What We Did

Number of roundtrip bus trips (intercity): 4 (2 from PE and 2 from Medellin)

Number of car rentals: 1 – for a full week in Mexico!

Number of flights: 9, all one-ways

Total transit budget: $3,295

Total transit actual: $3.053

Average weekly food/entertainment budget: $241

Average weekly food/entertainment actual: $226


Total budget for 17 weeks: $11,000

Total actual for 17: $10,493

Average weekly total actual: $617

Average weekly total budget: $647

Number of weeks over budget: 4

Number of weeks under budget: 13

Most expensive week: Week 11 (Dec 31-Jan 6), $1,646 (included 2-day trip to Florida)

Least expensive week: Week 14 (Jan 21-27), $363 (2nd week in Medellin)

The Best Parts

Best experiences:

  • climbing the Teotihuacan pyramids
  • Day of the Dead in Oaxaca
  • releasing baby sea turtles and seeing mama sea turtles laying eggs
  • snorkeling at Playa La Entrega
  • beach days, especially at Playa Coral
  • Mexican fireworks and fiestas
  • getting lost in Arvi Park
  • swimming in Rio Claro

Best meals:

Casareyna (Puebla), Espadin (Puerto Escondido), Pinches Tacos (Puerto Escondido, Rocoto (Huatulco), Montaditos Laureles (Medellin)

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