Sedona: We’re Home

We have been in Sedona for about a week and a half and they’ve been a long 10 days in the best possible way. We’d been to Sedona twice before and always loved it, and had wondered what it would be like to live here (even before we embarked on the full-time travel life). It has not disappointed us as a month-long home. Here are the things we love so far about Sedona:


The biggest attraction of Sedona is hiking in the red rocks. According to their website, Sedona has over 200 trails covering more than 300 miles. It’s famous for it. Which is why there are tons and tons of crowds here during spring break season. Still, as heavy as the traffic is on the roads, once you get out on the trails it is easy to find solitude. We’ve hiked every day of our first 10 days here and loved every moment.


One of the best decisions we made for our time here is picking an Airbnb apartment near a popular trailhead. We can walk right out our front door and be on one of the most popular trail systems in the area. Our Airbnb is on the north end of Oak Creek Village, which is also slightly quieter than Sedona proper. It’s definitely been a great choice for us.


What can I say? These first 10 days, we’ve pretty much just worked and hiked. That will change this week when my family comes for a visit (they arrive tonight!). But as far as routines go, this is a great one.

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