Sedona is a Special Place


We left Sedona more than a month ago, but I wanted to make sure to post a wrap up that includes all the reasons our time in Sedona (well, technically we stayed in the Village of Oak Creek) was so special to us. Here they are:

My Family Came

Not long after my “We’re Home” post, my mom, dad, and sister made their planned visit to us. They had a wonderful Airbnb just up the road with a nice backyard to hang out in. We had a great time sharing our love of Sedona with them. Here are some photos to commemorate their visit.

On their second full day in Sedona, we took a trip up to the Grand Canyon. It was very grand. We made sure to arrive bright and early to avoid the crowds. Good thing my family was all still operating on central time!

We managed to show them most of the main Sedona attractions including the Chapel of the Holy Cross and the vortex on Airport Mesa.

It was a really fun trip with lots of great memories. I’m so glad they came out to see us. We really love receiving visitors when we’re traveling.

We Hiked More and Hit Up All Four Vortexes

One of the top things to do in Sedona while hiking is to encounter a vortex. We managed to make it to all four of the main ones while we were there. They’re located at Bell Rock, the Airport Mesa, Boynton Canyon, and Cathedral Rock. And I was able to take my sister and my dad to the one at Airport Mesa since it is fairly close to the parking there. 

After my family departed, Chad and I continued to hike every day and maintain our 4 miles a day average. We had several nice picnics and really enjoyed all the trails we hiked. There were a few we didn’t make it too (including Devil’s Bridge and Hiline), but we know we’ll be back.

I Would Totally Live Here When I’m Old

We already knew Sedona was special from our past visits, but after spending a month there, I am more convinced than ever that Sedona is one of the best places in the United States. We plan to come back again for another long stay in five or ten years and honestly, when it is time to hang up our suitcases on full-time travel, I could see Sedona being our home. 

Yes, there are issues in Sedona. It is quite over-touristed and the afternoon traffic in Sedona itself is awful. But down in Oak Creek we were able to find peace and quiet every day, and the hiking and views are unbeatable. 

I will always love and appreciate Sedona and hope we’ll return regularly for the rest of our lives. I’m so grateful we had this opportunity to spend a full month there.

Sedona Airbnb

The view and location are unbelievable. You can walk out your front door and across the street to Bell Rock Pathway (to not have to find a parking spot there is a huge advantage). All the trails nearby are fantastic. We were lucky enough to stay for a full month and never tired of seeing Bell Rock from our living room window and Courthouse Butte from the bed each morning. The apartment is surprisingly quiet for sitting right on Hwy 179. The kitchen was very well equipped for our long stay and there were dining out options within easy walking distance and also a mile down the road at The Collective. We were extremely happy we chose to stay in Oak Creek rather than Sedona proper because of the fewer crowds and far less traffic. Being on the north end was a nice bonus for the times when we did make the short trip to Sedona. The wifi was very consistent, but is pretty slow, which is true everywhere in Sedona/Oak Creek (especially upload speed). It was fast enough for streaming but Zoom was sometimes a challenge. We really hope to be able to stay in Craig’s apartment again in the future.

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